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Leoni Needham

I am a Sculptor. What inspires me? Simplicity to create as much with as little as possible. I work in a re-usable oil based clay or in wax directly. This is not a permanent medium so a mould is made of the original and then cast in bronze. My personal creations and commissioned sculpture are included in private & corporate collections in South Africa & Abroad.

Leoni grew up in the beautiful Lowveld Mpumalanga & the creative environment of her mother’s pottery studio she chose the discipline of sculpture at the early age of 6 as her talent and entry for a school review and so the seed was planted.

After graduating with an Ass Degree in conservation studies Leoni started an apprenticeship at a small local artist run art Foundry and a year later opened the doors to her own. By 2013 it had become one of South Africa’s largest and most revered Bronze Casting Art Foundries in South Africa with one of it’s most recent and largest accomplishments the 7m high Bronze Casting of Nelson Mandela now standing on Navel Hill in Bloemfontein South Africa.


Leoni moved to Johannesburg permanentely in 2008 as most of the Foundry clients where Gauteng based. 2013 saw the move from Foundry to her new business venture Sculptrueinc.

Leoni Needham