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Artist Details

Audrey Rudnick

Audrey Rudnick is the sole and exclusive owner of the Pod people and all rights to ownership and intellectual property to the Pod people held under the patent 2002/8874 are owned and held by her. These rights have never been ceded or sold to anyone.  Audrey holds all rights to manufacture produce market and sell the artwork known as the Pod people. No Agent represents her (since May 2009) and there is only one Original Patent Document testifying to these rights and it is held and owned solely and exclusively only by Audrey. Also the 3D copyright to the artwork held in the Torsos/ figurines sculpted by her for use in the Pod People are vested in Audrey. Beware of frauds and look for Audrey’s signature to secure value in your investment. You may buy directly from Audrey or from one of her Authorised Galleries or Shops detailed under Authorised Retailers section of this website. Although Audrey makes no more than 30 Pods per month so that they remain exclusive, she is looking for an outlet in Europe, the UK and USA.

Audrey Rudnick developed this concept and applied for a patent at the end of 1999/2000. The Pod People comprises a Palm frond or leaf (Petiole) attached to or standing on a free standing base. Attached to this palm frond Audrey has attached Torsos (waist to top of head) figurines (although her patent allows her to put anything or nothing atop of a palm frond). In her own way, Audrey has joined the figurine to the palm Frond where they appear to be the same material or object. The Pod people vary in size from table top pieces measuring 60 – 70cm tall, to a musician range and artists range which measure between 155cm and 190cm, and the Tree Pod range that measure between 1.9m and 2,4m. The Pod people are currently being made as functional lamps too.

Audrey Rudnick