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Basie Geerdts

“You must really look after your hands Baas. You’ve got gold in them.” That’s what my Dad, Sonny Geerdts, said everytime he asked me to show him my hands. Whenever he had the opportunity to promote my talent for art, he did. He would make sure that, no matter what the expense, I used only the best paints, best brushes, best brushes, best canvases, best paper, best everything. My first memory of wanting to draw was how I admired a water colour sea scape my parents had hanging above the fireplace. All I wanted to do was copy it. After many attempts, my Dad took note of this desire and subsequently bought me a paint by numbers set. As soon as I was finished with it though, I asked my Dad if it would be possible for me to get my own paint set so I can do my own thing.

My Dad then took me to Herbert Evans Art and bought me my first oil painting set! After rapidly using up the two canvas boards supplied with the set, I attempted my first portrait painting – Chris Barnard. As a result, doing paintings of people and portraits of them because one of my greatest passions. I guess that’s because I personally have a passion for capturing the uniqueness of each individual – the way we smile, the way we frown, the way we express our emotions – all those little things that make us who we really are. Another passion that developed for me, being an illustrator, was the discovery of other media and exploring the effects and characteristics of each media, and starting to combine them.

Thus, over the years, I have mentally stored up an enormous range of subjects and images that I would love to capture and express on canvas (or any other surface for that matter). So, I have no idea where my art is going to take me, but I do know, that wherever that may be, the journey itself will be an incredible adventure!

Basie Geerdts