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Artist Details

Olivia Botha

I am now in my thirties and happily married to 

my heaven on earth, Karel Botha.

We live in Bloemfontein, but do work throughout 

the country. My husband is very gifted, being an 

Engineer and running his own Construction 

business, he always makes time to build my 

canvasses and travel with me to Exhibitions.

I work from home, outside or anywhere I can find 

a place to splash some paint.

I don’t need new motivation for each day to 

start making paintings…

My gift from God is my motivation and I would 

like to please the King. Painting is my passion, 

my business and my ministry.

All honour to God!

I live By 2 Cor 4:7 " However, we possess this 

precious treasure, the greatness of power may be 

shown to be from God and not from ourselves"

Olivia Botha