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Artist Details

Petra Stiglingh

Petra studied art and did extra courses not only 

with Michael Edwards, Titia Ballot George Boys 

and Dale Elliot but also  with Daniel Gerhartz 

in America.

Her work is mostly contemporary impressionistic 

and she tries to obtain the full dimension of 

colour, light and shadow  in her work.

Petra exhibited her work over the whole of 

South Africa and Namibia as  well as in England. 

She has been painting for 28 years professionally.

Her work is represented in some corporate 

buildings in South Africa,  in England, Belgium, 

Germany and America.

For the past five years Petra is also giving Art 

Workshops all over the country to inspire new 

and experienced artist to expand their visions 

and techniques in acrylic and oil painting.


In Petra’s  own words :”My desire as an artist is that 

the images I paint would point to the Almighty 

Creator and not to me and that each painting 

would be a joy to everybody who would like to 

purchase one.”

Petra Stiglingh