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New Signatures 2014

New Signatures 2014 @ Alice Art Gallery

Dear Art Lovers

The Jury is out!!  17 of the country’s most talented, most sensational, most exciting new artist have named to participate in the New Signatures 2014 @ Alice Art Gallery Exhibition!!

Alice Art has been actively dedicated to promoting young and up and coming local artists for many years and this year we are extremely excited about the level of talent that will be showcased at this years’ New Signatures Exhibition.

 The New Signatures Exhibition was implemented 10 years ago at Alice Art Gallery in order to give new artists a chance to make a name for themselves and to find a home in a gallery.  Initially called the Fresh Talent exhibition, it was changed to New Signatures six years ago as we believe that it gives it a more formal, mature image.  This is not just about young artists, but about any age, race or style, if an artist is passionate about his art, we are passionate about promoting them.

Throughout the year at Alice Art Gallery there were many requests from New Artists on how they can get into a gallery and start making a name for themselves in the art world.   This is incredibly difficult to do as there is so much competition with so much incredible young talent.  Also, since the creative process is ever-changing and the answer to the question ‘what is art?’ can be answered differently by every person you ask, we are always on the lookout for that “Something New and Special” in our artist.  Our market of buyers is very open to new things and is hungry and excited for new and wonderful art.  We make it our mission to supply art that is beautiful, decorative, understandable and above all, fresh and original to our clients. 

We thus decided to structure the process and invite prospective artists to contact us in the beginning of each year to make an appointment.  They attended the interview with a CV, a Portfolio of their previous works and 5 original pieces.  The applicants were interviewed by a panel of agents from Alice Art gallery, including owner Alice Pitzer herself. 

This year well over 100 artists applied and only 17 were selected to participate in the exhibition.


The artists’ styles are all very diverse and eclectic and we believe that there will be something for every taste.  We are also quite positive that the level of talent and quality are unsurpassed and will make for an unforgettable exhibition!  It was no easy task selecting a handful from the many wonderful artists we saw, but we are confident in our choices and believe that only the best of the best were chosen.

This is also the only exhibition of the year where the artists are actively involved in the planning.  Every artist contributes all their skills, contacts, know-how, knowledge and expertise to making the event one of a kind.    This year we were astounded at the big-heartedness and wonderful ideas of the artists!  Usually we like to put a lot of emphasis on the artists, as it takes an enormous amount of work and dedication to get to where they are


The opening evening will take place on Wednesday the 23th of July 2014 at 18h00.



New Signatures 2014