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Johannes Swanepoel

Johannes Swanepoel - Mouth painting artist

Born on the 5th of October 1964 in Ladybrand, in the Free State.

 After I finished my school education in Pretoria where I passed St 8, I served in the South African Air Force Police for a year. My first & last job on my feet. I broke my neck between the 5th & 6th lesion on 17 June 1983 in a motor vehicle accident. It was the same day that I had receive my long awaited driver’s license. Since then I have been classified medically as a C5/6 quadriplegic.

 It took me approximately 2 to 4 years to rehabilitate, where after I worked as a Sales representative and Sales Manager for four and a half years at two companies respectively after which I had an opportunity to manage my own business for two years. I had to go under liquidation due to unforeseen circumstances.

 In 1994 I began to paint with my mouth on the motivation of my family and friends. At the end of the same year “the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Worldwide” accepted me as a student and granted me a bursary for a first term of three years – a wonderful privilege indeed. On 1st of April 1996 I was accepted as a resident of “Quad house” which is a Self-help Centre for quadriplegics in the Eastern Cape. This was the year that I started a new season. I lived & worked there for seven years and was actively involved in various Welfare Organizations as well as outreached opportunities towards less privileged communities, a passion of mine.

 During these times I’ve studied Fine Art respectively for five years at Port Elizabeth Technicon. Two years of study for the first year, and one year break in order to teach a disabled friend to paint, and one year where I passed my second year of study. I did my third and final year only partially towards my Diploma. I did not finish my studies, but did gain valuable Academic & Practical experience during these five years.

 At the end of 2001 I moved back to Pretoria where I rest for a year, and served three years at a Mission Service Organization which is involved in Research & Research training. On the 29th of January 2005 I got married to my beautiful wife, Elzanné, and we bought a house where we currently resides, in Vrede, in the FREE STATE. My interests are Mission involvement, Outreach to neighbors and the less privileged, Chess, Music, Painting, Art and I some times also spend time to update my Internet Website Profiles.  

I enjoy doing water color and oil paint as well as other mediums like mixed media, but prefer mostly to do oil paintings and charcoal drawings. I use my mouth to hold the brush while painting. For the first few years I’ve taught myself to gain some experience and then I’ve received help in water color techniques from Heila van der Merwe, an Artist from the Eastern Cape. Currently with the beginning of the writing of this book, I am a student with “the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Worldwide” for the past 17 years. I will be evaluated for a further term during March 2013.

 My goal in this journey and all these years of study and hard work is to become an Associate and then a full member with “the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Worldwide (VDMFK)”.


All Honor, Glory, Might and Power do I acknowledge unto our Heavenly Father & our Lord Jesus Christ

whom entrusted me this talent through His Holy Spirit.

 May His Name alone be glorified through my art works!

 - Johannes Swanepoel.

Johannes Swanepoel