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Gerda Smit (32) studied fine arts at the Tshwane University of Technology and specialised in ceramics and painting.

She did her thesis on “why so many artists, like Picasso” were so interested and inspired by the creative abilities of children. This also inspired her future work.

When she completed her studies in 2002 she participated in group exhibitions as a ceramic sculptor. She also received an award in 2003 at the “National Ceramics Association” for her sculpture “a dog named Jasper”.

Childrens’ stories also inspires her work. In 2004 a ceramic sculpture “Little red riding hood” was exhibited at the “Ceramics South Africa” exhibition.

After the birth of her son in 2009 she started giving more time to her illustrative drawings. She uses her nickname, Griet, as her brand name, to acknowledge the illustrative segment of her work. O Griet means “oops-a-daisies” or “oh dear” in Afrikaans.

O Griet illustrations mostly portray children at play. A sensation which everybody relates to.  The birds and scratch marks in the background of most of the illustrations, represents the blessings and guardians that surround us as children.

She recently started painting family portraits commission pieces where her normal characters changes slightly to represent specific family members and/or pets. These pieces bring great joy and laughter to the homes and lives of people. 

O Griet atworks are found in selected galleries in Pretoria, Johannesburg and surrounding areas.