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Danie Bester

I am a Pretoria based fine-art photographer. I live with my wife, Jenna and two children, Mia-Daniel and Minnette. As the founder and director of DPC | Digital Photography Courses and Photo Critic I am very involved with teaching photography. I also head a commercial architectural photography business, Bester Martin. Artist Statement Over the past decade I’ve tried my hand at many different disciplines of photography. Most my earlier work was very commercially orientated. Due to my involvement with other art forms and artists, and through studying the master photographers, my perception about photography as art, has completely changed. I see myself more as a visual artist using a camera as the tool for creating my images, rather than the photographer I used to be. I held my first Solo Exhibition in 2010, hereafter I co-founded an art gallery with six other artists. Most recently, I have been honoured with my work being featured in the Collectors Guide to Art and Artists in South Africa. Style Years ago, I bought the book “Camera Work” which showcases images from the Pictorialist movement. Ever since then I have been an admirer of more abstract art forms like Impressionism and Minimalism. Ultimately it was landscape and urban photography that captured my heart, and is where I put into practice these inspirations. I prefer creating images which depict mood, tone and often silence, which is a theme I am exploring through my personal work. To create these images, I make use of several creative and experimental techniques like multiple and long exposures, lens and motion blur in order to communicate my messages.
Danie Bester