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Marc Poisson

Marc Poisson, has established himself as a well-known artists. He has sold artworks from Britain, Ireland, Canada,USA to South Africa and Australia. Enjoying the mature period of his profession, he is quite at ease in his bold, distinctive style of painting. He consistently captures atmospheric light in scenes of typically Australian and South African subjects which hark back to a more peaceful, leisurely era. This view seems to be substantiated by his aversion to many of the things we associate with modern life. For example, one seldom sees a motor vehicle in his street scenes and sometimes even bitumen roads give way to the old gravel farm roads. Many of his subjects underscore the historical significance of resonate scenes. Scenes such as the Sydney harbour Bridge or world famous Sydney Beaches. Consistent subjects are the horse riders of the Snowy Mountains along with a variety of striking rural scenes. In South Africa Poisson is well known for his Cape Dutch Homestead paintings as well as Cape Harbour scenes. Figure studies also dominate. Examining these various subjects, one perceives the way this artist uses light to underscore the importance of scenes as if to etch them into our national psyche, as though they need to be cherished and preserved for future generations. Even the humble fisherman’s cottages with their characteristic but often dilapidated white-washed walls with thatched roofs seem to stand out and dominate their surroundings as if to establish their importance in the landscape. His scenes with horses seem full of life emphasising the nature of an appealing rural countryside.
Marc Poisson