What is Alice Art Gallery?

Alice Art Gallery is an online and offline gallery dedicated to give clients the ultimate experience in art. If you enjoy art or investing you will love our world-class artists. Alice Art Gallery is the one-stop art mecca for decorating and investing.

Who are the people behind Alice Art Gallery?

People who love art and think that shopping online is the way forward. That's us.

How long has Alice Art Gallery been around?

We established the business as an cc in 1990.

What have people who have purchased on Alice Art Gallery said?

Nice things. See our track record on HelloPeter.com. And if you want to be in our loop, join the conversations about Alice Art Gallery taking place on Twitter, Facebook and the Blog – Our success is based on clients past experiences.

Are my credit card details safe?

Yes. We know this is a worry for some folk, especially first-timers. But, all we can say is yes, they're safe. All credit card transactions take place on a secure page and no credit card details are stored.

How long will my order take to arrive?

About 7-10 days, but you can read more about delivery.

How often do you get new products?

We're always on the lookout for cool new artists whose work is attractive , understandable and experienced. In fact we do yearly interviews with young and upcoming artist, called New Signatures – there is also a link on the web If you want regular updates on what's sizzling in art world, sign up for our newsletter.

Do you have a newsletter?

Yeap we do. If you sign up we’ll send you love-letters every two weeks. Updates on exhibitions and tell you about new artists and their work.

What do I do if I don’t receive my package?

Breathe into a brown paper packet, and then call us. We’ll breathe into a brown paper bag, and then work out what went wrong and sort it out. We’ll probably be more cut up about it than you, so go easy on us.

Is there a warranty on the products?

There is no warranty on art – if your painting gets damaged it can be repaired by the original artist or experts – if handled rough by courier frame can be repaired or replaced by insurance.

Does returning products purchased online work the same as in normal shops?

Yes. Unless you are returning your product out of buyer's remorse. If you simply change your mind, but we delivered what you ordered - we suggest you sell it on Gumtree. Free delivery doesn't grow on trees (we wish it did). Unless you are willing to pay 10% handling fee and courier.

What if you send me the wrong thing?

That never happens. Jokes. We are humans, not machines. If we have delivered the wrong product, a faulty product, or have misrepresented the offering with an incorrect picture or description - we'll humbly accept we've slipped up and resolve the situation speedily with a replacement or full refund.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes. We sell digital and actual gift vouchers. If you purchase one, we'll mail you the voucher as PDF. It has a code which you enter at checkout. If it's a gift, we can forward it to someone on your behalf on a designated day.

You don't have what I'm looking for - what now?

Let us know and we'll see if we can get it for you. If you're looking for the meaning of life, we're onto a good thing, so call us about that too. For real.

I want to send somebody a gift from your store - how does that work?

When you check out, you'll see there is a special box for special notes or messages. If the gift is intended for someone other than the purchaser, just fill in the address in here and we'll send it to them directly. With a personalised card, if you like.