Alexis Bester is an artist from the Western Cape in South Africa. He lives near Tulbagh at the foot of the Witzenberg Mountains on his family\'s farm where he also has his own studio. He started working as a cartographer, then Flying instructor before becoming a full-time artist. His earlier work portrays naive surrealism in a colourful and simplistic way, with the use of shadows and bright colours and landscape scenes.


Whereas his present work depicts the 1920\'s in an idealistic presentation of that period with subtle surrealistic suggestions portrayed in deep shadows and autumn colouring. His main influences are Georgio de Cherico, Amedeo Modigliani, Picasso\'s early work and Edward Hopper. His art focus on the positive representation of how life can be rather than the negative. The artist prefers to look at life through the eyes of the child within.