Has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions as well as group shows in Japan, Italy and Britain. Her work can be seen in many corporate and private collections throughout Southern Africa as well as private collections overseas. She graduated in Fine Art at UCT and following several years of teaching, has had a career as an artist for over twenty years. The Watercolour Society awarded Fiona a fellowship in 1994.

The evolution and challenges continue - having used natural form as a starting point I try to find a new vision. Symbols have been used to convey ideas or feelings e.g. a garment on a hanger hints of the fragility of life, a bowl - displacement. Recently, after reading some of my late mother’s journals, a series called “Secrets” evolved. Working intuitively, I search for that elusive combination of subconscious mark-making and the manipulating of elements to find the sense of closure given by a finished painting.

The working process involves collage at times and the layering of paint, with rubbing, scraping off, applying more paint as forms emerge and disappear until a balance is found. Overall, working on a larger scale gives a greater sense of freedom and consequently is more satisfying.

My passion is not to describe the visible world but to delve into the invisible - to reveal concealed beauty.