“Hennie Griesel is one of the most under-estimated artists in South Africa. It could be seen, in Biblical terms, that he is a prophet who does not receive enough honour in his own country.”This compliment from a well-known art-dealer in Gauteng, is surely not an exaggeration.Griesel’s magnificent works can be seen in houses and offices all over Taiwan, USA, Israel and France. An art collector from Fort Lauderdale in Florida (USA) was só impressed with Griesel’s work that he took 9 of them with to the USA.Imposing, if one keeps in mind that he has never attended a single art class in his life, and had no art tuition of any kind. Everything he delivers is pure talent.Not that South Africans who come across his work are careless about it. His works are displayed across the country, and boast in art collections at universities and city councils.Griessel never praises himself. He believes that his work must speak for him.His wife and business manager, Carol, says “Hennie is no softie, believe me. He can be difficult like only a true artist can. But when he is busy in his studio, the whole world can perish.“He speaks through his art.”According to art experts, Griesel who turns 75 this year is delivering his best works ever, despite his high age.He did show signs of a love for art as a young boy in the Tzaneen-district, and he even started painting. He earned his money as a road-worker driving bull dozers. Later the need to paint urged him to stay busy in his studio.His house and paradise-garden in Klerksdorp tells a little bit of what goes on in his head, and what is clear in his art: his love for nature.Of his most popular work include still-lifes of copper and flowers, especially cosmos and sunflowers.He also delivers masterpieces of landscapes, animal studies and architecture.“Hennie paints everything. As soon as he has ‘seen’ the painting in his mind’s eye, he walks into his studio en paints until the picture is finished. The shy school boy from Tzaneen, and later the road worker from the Free State’s works are highly collectable these days, and the prices are going up on auctions.Art-experts mean that buying a Griesel now, would be one of the best art-investments that a collector can do.- Beeld, 11 February 2006