Ina Eksteen is well-known for

her expressionistic style and bright colour

application for the last 15 years.

She works in both acrylics and oils.

The Overberg landscapes from the beautiful Cape

region in South Africa, inspired her throughout

the years. The colourful landscapes found their 

expression in her interpretation through

expressionism.  Form, colour and outline are

evident of her style.  Her love for Europe finds

itself in her expressionistic Tuscany scenes.  She

expresses herself well in acrylic medium in this


After an Art tour in Europe during 2012, Ina was

inspired by the French impressionist’s works

once again as well as that of the Dutch Painter,

van Gogh in Amsterdam.  Her still life series are

done in oils within the post-impressionistic-style.

Short brushes strokes, colour and light can be

seen in her still life studies as well as landscapes.