I was born in Heidelberg Gauteng in 1957. Raised by two wonderful parents who always gave me the choice to plan my own future. I therefore planned to study law at the university of Potchefstroom which lasted for only one year.My need to create never subsided. I then decided that law is not for me and started a career in the entertainment industry. (Television). During all 30 years I always love to create small statues with model clay do sketches and paint real live scenes, running from childhood. As a retiree, I decided to do what I always loved doing. To create.Inspired by the satisfaction to create and look at my work, I decided to make casual jewellery. Although, my love for created natural landmarks gave me the thought to combine my work with jewellery. To capture lamdmarks and embedded it into a piece of jewellery was for me a good idea.Detail and being unique always impressed me all my life, a specially when comes to art.Capturing all of this on canvas by using acrylic paint that may bring memories to those looking at it, will be seen by me as a successful venture. True creations is in nature all around us. My wish is to capture part of it in my work.Some of these natural creations took millions of years and the opportunity to capture it and embed it is a great privilege.