Karien Boonzaaier is an accomplished artist who has a passion for God. Her zest for life, good food and travel is evident in her vibrant art.


Karien\'s paintings are an exploration of contrasting textures, rich colours and light. One of the main themes in her paintings are doors - doors for her are symbolic of the choices you make in life. A person is in a certain place in one’s life because of choices he made, but sometimes there is also a \'curveball\' that comes your way and then you still have a choice: you can choose how to respond to the bitterness of life.

Will you stay down if life knocks you down or get up and open the door so that light can come in? Sometimes a door will slam in you in your face just to protect you against danger that you now can’t see or anticipate - and sometimes the door will be wide open and then you have to take a \'leap of faith. In spite of fear, walk into a new challenge!

 Of course we need considerable wisdom to take the right path in