In 2010 she was selected from 100s of applicants as one of 15 for the New Signatures exhibition at Alice Art Gallery opening 22 July 2010.

She describes herself not as a portraitist but as a capturer of the essence and soul of her subject. Kariena has had a solo exhibition at Alice Art Gallery in June 2011 and is currently also exhibiting at Chris Tugwell Gallery, Brooklyn Mall.

ExhibitionsShe has exhibited privately, at various expos, Studio Gesso Melville, Lemon Rose art group, Chris Tugwell Gallery, Brooklyn Mall and Alice Art Gallery, Ruimsig. She works from photographs for clients on commission for portraits.

On the 13th January 2012 she was asked to exhibit her "Essence of Africa" faces at the Martin Luther King Alliance Celebration at the Radison Blu Hotel in Sandton.

Kariena completed 10 works in the Ballet and Dance Genre in 2015. Most of these were sold in various galleries.

She studied with "The New Individualists" under the auspices of Ernst de Jong (the designer of the South African bank notes) obtaining a Diploma from his Academy with Distinction and will be exhibiting at various galleries in South Africa in 2014-2015.

2016 to 2019Kariena is currently working towards an exhibition entitled ‘Giselle’ inspired by the Ballet by music by Adolphe Adam and choreographed originally by Jean Corelli in 1841. Staged the Salle le Peletier in Paris on 28 June.

This ballet was restaged by Marius Petipa and became hugely successful across Europe, the United States and Russia during the 19th and 20th century up until the present day.

She has obtained copyright to use photographs of Laurent Ziegler from Vienna who photographed the ballet Giselle staged by the Akram Khan Dance Company in London, as reference.