Lee Templeton is a self taught artist, who was born on the 13 July in Bulawayo Rhodesia, a British Commonwealth country at the time. In her late teens she moved with her family to South Africa.After 27 years of managing the turbulence of entrepreneurship and the challenges of widowhood twice, I decided to carry a paint palette instead of a briefcase and sign my signature with a paintbrush instead of a black ink pen. I have accepted Gods gift of joy, to live a life filled with appreciation and contentment. By June of 2009, Lee had developed her individual style of painting. Her canvases are large with a sense of spaciousness. The topics are simplistic in nature painted in a contemporary style. Lee describes her style of artwork as simplistic-contemporary. From 18 September 1992 each painting is numbered and logged. By August 2012 Lee had painted 800 canvases. Lee has kept a few for her home, gifted a few to family and friends and the balance has been sold. Recently remarried, Lee s artworks are now signed Lee Templeton.Lee says, I have seen and appreciated so many beautiful artworks masterfully painted, the public are spoilt for choice, therefore I regard myself humbly fortunate when one of my artworks are chosen by a discerning Client.