God has blessed me with two hands, a wonderfully 

creative mind and amazing taIent… painting is my 

way of bringing glory to Him. 

My love for drawing and painting started at a young 

age, and I was 2½ years old when I started taking 

art classes for the first time. Since then, the only 

thing that ever really made sense to me was art.

My work can be described as energetic, expressive 

and emotional. I am inspired by nostalgic themes, 

antiques and the beauty of our country. I simply 

paint the people, places and things that I love and 

incorporate scriptures from the Bible, my biggest 


I believe that God has instructed me to study 

His word and to bring it to life in a piece of art.

“Before I was born, the Lord appointed me 

He made me His servant to bring back His people.” 

(Isaiah 49:5)