I perform my daily alchemy in my Johannesburg studio, transforming an almost unimaginable breadth of materials into works of compelling art. My painting technique is inspired by textures, both of nature and manmade, i.e. tree bark, ground/earth, road surfaces, grass, plastered walls, etc. My subject matter is derived from the African landscape and her dwellings and I am stimulated by her rustic colour profile. I prefer to call my technique "Dimensional."After a proportional sketch is done with engraving and scratching of wet paste, I apply textures in a sequence with a palette knife. It takes the whole day to complete the drying of the textures. Following is the application of the background paint, usually dark colours that will later show as shadows. Finally the application of intended colours is done. All this procedures is important to me as it creates an interdependent composition that is unique and depicts my individualism."I believe that the Art world is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. It's all about fitting together with those who have something with those who want it. This is my aim to reach out using this painting technique and captivating scenes."