Riana Vorster has been a Johannesburg resident for most of her life. She started painting in oils during childhood when her mother bought her first set of paints and immediately recognised her budding talent. She had some art training in her student years, but is largely self-taught. Art has been her full-time occupation for the last fifteen years. She has participated in various exhibitions and her paintings are displayed at art galleries across the country. Many of her works have found their way to countries in Europe and North America. Riana works mainly in oils, and uses both brush and knife in the application of the rich, vibrant colour which typifies her work. She is a keen observer of all of life that happens around her, thence the wide range of subjects depicted in her work. She captures mood, atmosphere, emotion and memories with sensitivity and panache. Besides being a visual artist, Riana is also a classical singer of stature, and her love of music is often depicted in her paintings. No wonder her work is imbued with true artistic flair!