Ruth Kloppers, born Ruth Flaschberger in Rattendorf Austria in 1959, discovered her passion and talent for art at an early age.  She has always had a desire to express herself and enrolled at the “Art College for Jewellers” from 1974 – 1978.  Upon her graduation the yearning to expand her horizons and way of seeing life made her decide to travel the world.  After a short journey the southern regions of Africa captivated her.  This continent with so much potential, with all its diverse colourful cultures offered Ruth a new frontier - she fell in love with South Africa and made it her permanent home. Upon arrival in South Africa Ruth worked as a jeweller for a while.  In 1986 she started a Fashion jewellery business, which was very successful. Due to her interests being so broad and her talents very versatile, Ruth wanted to experiment further.  She became fascinated with painting on silk, which she turned into a tie business, where some of her bigger clients included: Eskom, Spoornet, Financial Mail, Business Day…She kept on developing her talents. Ruth has been painting full time for the past 15 years.  Her work is truly magnificent.  Her inspirations are from the beauty of natural habitats to the breath taking awe of the Universe (as seen in the display of Creation).  Refusing to be bound to a certain style - her motto is:” if GOD gives you a gift, HE does not limit you to one thing. HE is the Creator of everything and says “whatever you put your hands to will prosper” - Ruth portrays great success with varied mediums including: water colours, acrylics, oil on canvas, silk paint, acid etching and ink on hand made paper or board with Oils as her favourite. Expressing herself in vibrant colours most always on large canvas, where she often uses lots of texture is what she most enjoys.  After being challenged to include wild life in one of her exhibitions, she discovered her love for animals and ethnic cultural paintings.This in turn led to Collages, where Ruth paints on hand made paper and includes objects like: feathers, porcupine quills, different types of leather, seed pods, grass, pieces of bark, tribal cloth etc… Her work is held in many commercial and private collections in South Africa, Australia, Europe, United States of America and as far as Korea.