Born in Pretoria, 1946. Sonja started painting in oils at an early age. Inspired by her husband, the artist Hentie Meyer, she has been painting as a professional artist since 1980. Her work can be described as romantic impressionism. The combination of her natural and technical ability lends itself to an extended colour palette and bold use of brush and painting knife. Critics are inspired by her uncompromising portrait themes, capturing the musician in act. Furthermore is she willing to incorporate deep passionate colours, makling her ability to balance scenes even more incredible. She is well-known for her portrait and flower studies, and her oils are handled by several top SA galleries. The demand for her works have increased to such an extend over the past five years, that the availability often fall short, making her works sought after. Sonja is an artist with tremendous talent and ability. Her works have the potential to become very valuable in the not so far future