therese website artist profile

My name is Therese, often mispronounced and misspelt, which does not worry me at all.

Call me Terry, Tess, Theresa or even Tweezie, as I was known at school.

I derive my styles and ideas from a broad and diverse range of sources, mostly instinctive art as thoughts are manifested on closest media at hand.

I often use different bright colours on my faces rather than natural skin tones as I see people as characters rather than a  box to be ticked defining race, gender or beliefs.

We all have the same emotions and feelings which brings me back to my ultimate object which is to surprise, amuse or puzzle observers with my art.

Hopefully my creations bring a smile, a raised eyebrow, an exclamation of any sort and more importantly, the deeper questions about ourselves or our purpose in life.

I can bore you with where I am from, what my marital status is, whether I have children, whether  I am educated or whether I am unschooled but that would contradict my whole intention which is that we are all humans with enormous potential and dreams and we can either dream our Life or live our Dreams.